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The original and most glamorous channel about fashion. FTV is the only 24/7 fashion, beauty and style TV channel worldwide. FTV provides glamorous entertainment with emphasis on the latest trends. FTV is one of the 4 most distributed channels worldwide. FTV is the first global media dedicated to fashion trends, models, events, news, glamour and lifestyle. Catwalks are at the heart of FTV’s programming but there are also magazines about “Haute Couture”, “Events and Exhibitions”, “First Look”, “Hair and Make Up”, “In Store Now”, “FTV Parties” and others.

Fashion TV HD - the high standard definition channel by Fashion TV, delivers an outstanding picture and sound quality, richer and more natural colors. FTV HD presents new programs on high lifestyle and high fashion from all over the world. FTV HD stands for hype, high end, high fashion, haute couture, ultra trendy & ultra luxury style, keeping: the famous “look & feel of FTV”, “I saw it first on FTV” and the diamond shape logo - 500 hours of new program content every year, 300 new shows, and 600 new clips every season!

FTV currently develops FTV 3D channel and plans to launch it by the end of 2011. The channel already provides tens of 3D VOD hours to various TV platforms worldwide.

In Israel, FTV is available on both cable platform, HOT (channel 71) as well as satellite platform, Yes (channel 67), whereas FTV HD is exclusively available on HOT (channel 521)

For more information visit us at www.ftv.com  or download the FashionTV Corporate presentation as a PDF